Organic Persimmon Lassi with Pea Milk and Nutmeg Toasted Flax Seed

I’ve been on an autumn fruit kick lately and after getting some delicious organic persimmons in my box last week, I decided to throw them into the mix.  This vegan recipe falls somewhere between dessert and breakfast smoothie — call it what you want, it’s delicious and the addition of ground flax seeds makes […]

Holiday Citrus Glow Juice with Sweet Potato and Winter Squash

Last month I partnered with Glow Juicery to develop some holiday salad and juice recipes that were available at every Glow Juice location across Canada for the month of December.  Now that it’s officially January, my creations are no longer available in store.  But, as promised, the recipes will be up on my blog so you can […]

Immune Boosting Sweet Lemon Tisane

Being a little under the weather this week prompted me to make my own cold-busting, immune boosting tisane…AKA homemade NeoCitran without the pharmaceuticals and unpronounceable additives.  Although I was fighting more of a mild sinus infection than a traditional cold, this herbal remedy (and several rounds with my neti pot) seemed to heal me up pretty quickly. This […]

Bulletproof Earl Grey Tea with Organic Coconut Oil

I’ve been reading a lot about the bulletproof process lately and the numerous health benefits of adding grass-fed butter and coconut oil to your morning cup of coffee.  Since tea is my daily go-to, I did some (delicious) experimenting and ended up with the perfect adaptation to my classic cup of earl grey. I’ve been indulging in this […]