DIY Custom Metallic Sunglasses

This is a relatively quick project; but quality supplies are essential if you want your sunglasses to come out looking flawless.  You’ll need durable metallic spray paint, high quality painters tape to prevent the lines from bleeding and meticulous measurements to be sure all your lines are equal on both sides.

Here goes:

  1. Decide on a design and the area to be painted on the arms of the sunglasses.
  2. Carefully tape off the painting area on the front and back of one arm, making sure that any points match up perfectly.
  3. Using a tape measure, mark the line design placement and duplicate exactly on the opposite arm.
  4. Rub the tape firmly into the surface of the plastic to endure a crisp, clean line and gently sand the plastic with fine grit sandpaper to allow the spray paint to better adhere to the surface.
  5. Securely wrap the remaining portion of the sunglasses in plastic to be sure that area is not exposed to paint splatter.
  6. Lightly and evenly spray the sunglasses in three separate coats and allow to thoroughly dry before removing the painters tape.

Enjoy your custom metallic sunnies!

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