DIY Layered Chain Necklace

This DIY is a great way to upcycle old jewelry.  I had two rather simple gold chains that I wasn’t wearing very often and decided to combine them into one statement piece.  My inspiration came from Arielle de Pinto and her amazing crochet chain jewelry.

This is obviously a less complex and more minimalist design, but feel free to experiment and expand once you get going!

All you need is two or three gold chain necklaces (preferably different gauges), a pair of pliers and a pack of gold jewelry loops.  The attachment and layering of the chains is haphazard and based on personal preference — so there’s no formal tutorial for this project.   It’s more a game of experimentation…

Basically, you start with one chain as the base necklace and separate the other chain(s) into several sections of different lengths.  Use the gold loops to attach the sections to the main chain.  Be sure to twist the chains and attach in asymmetrical patterns until you end up with a shape you like.

I opted to do a two tier drop to give my necklace some length.  I also readjusted the placement of the chains a few times after trying it on.

Overall this was a fast and easy project that left me with a great new piece of jewelry to add to my arsenal…and enough scrap chain left over to whip up a matching bracelet!


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