Fresh Herb and Fruit Infused Water

Sometimes (all the time) I have a hard time drinking enough water, especially in the winter!  I understand all the benefits and I’m not really bothered by frequent trips to the bathroom.  It’s just easy for me to forget and I’m obviously super bored by the taste.

I’ve been infusing water lately, because I know that if I put in the effort to make it, I’ll drink it.  The great thing about the process is you can combine whatever flavors you like best and if you make a few different pitchers full, you’ll have enough to get you through the week…and you even have some different choices each day.  So far it’s been working for me.


There’s no real recipe here, it’s basically trial and error to find the infusion strength that works for you.  I use a 2 liter glass pitcher and filtered water, then I add whatever combination of berries, veggies or herbs I happen to have on hand.  One of my favorite combinations right now is blueberry, hibiscus and fresh sage…but a very close second is lemon, cucumber and rosemary.  Let the water infuse overnight and enjoy over the next few days.


If you’re still having trouble drinking water…just wait until cocktail hour and throw some vodka in there.  Healthy AND fun!

Now that this process has become a bit of a routine, I’m going to have some fun experimenting with coconut, watermelon and more edible flower infusions!

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