Handmade Brass and Stone Lapel Pin

I love lapel pins, their versatility makes them one of my all-time favorite fashion accessories.  You can add them to your blazers, hats and even fabric purses for the perfect touch of detail.

I recently lost one of my favorite stud earrings from Scotch & Soda…and instead of tossing its solo mate, I decided to give it new life as a lapel pin.  I don’t loose earrings frequently, but this is a great option to re-purpose any mismatched earrings you have, instead of throwing them out.

The exact lapel pin I made requires the following supplies:

  • 1 stud earring
  • 1 brass pin
  • 1 tube quick-set epoxy
  • 1 pair jewelry pliers
  • 1 pair wire cutters

Assembly process…

  • Using the wire cutters, snip the back post off the earring.
  • Clean and scrub the back of the earring to allow the glue to adhere more securely.
  • Using jewelry pliers, bend the dull end of the pin over (into a horse-shoe shape).  This will keep the soon-to-be-attached earring from rubbing directly on the fabric.
  • Mix the epoxy and apply to the back of the earring once tacky.
  • Press the pin into the glue and prop up if necessary, to allow the pin to set straight.
  • Allow to dry overnight and enjoy!

I made mine out of brass and stone because that was the type of earring I happened to have, but you can use any type of stud earring really, so get creative with your choices!  If you don’t have stone earrings, you can achieve this same look by using small gem stones from your local science or craft store.  This is also a great technique to dress up standard bobby pins and add a little extra detail to your next up-do!

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