Handmade Gold Sunglass Chain

Sun season is fast approaching and so grows my paranoia about losing or damaging my favorite pair of sunglasses.  I’m very active in the summer months, so putting a safe and fashionable hold on my new Supers was definitely the inspiration for this project.


The icing on this golden cake — I partnered with local designer and maker Karma Victoria Jewelry…to tap into her expertise, design style and beautiful supplies!


The exact chain we made requires the following supplies:

  • 1 30-inch gold snake chain
  • 1 gold curb/oval link chain
  • 4 gold cut-out pendants
  • 8 small gold loops
  • 2 sunglass strap rubber fittings
  • 1 pair needle-nose jewelry pliers
  • 1 pair jewelry cutters


Assembly process:

  1. Using the jewelry pliers, connect two of the hollow pendants using a gold loop, creating a pendant chain.  Repeat for the other two pendants.
  2. Add a gold loop to one end of the snake chain and connect to one of the pendant chains.  Repeat this on the other end of the snake chain.
  3. Using the jewelry cutters, trim the curb chain into two 2-inch sections; connect the rubber fittings to the end of each section, using gold loops.
  4. Finally, connect the open end of the curb chain to the pendant chain, using a gold loop.  Repeat for the remaining section.



Voila!  Functional yet fashionable…and your sunnies are safe, come what may!  If you want a less complicated chain, simply omit the cut-out pendants and just run with the contrasting chain textures.


…love this chain, but not into making?  Contact Karma Victoria Jewelry to request a custom made piece!

Also, I’m starting a new blog series called Maker Spotlight, which will follow-up any collaborative DIY project I post…so stay tuned for an upcoming interview with the maker behind Karma Victoria!


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