Handmade Minimal Christmas Wreaths with Moss and Cotton Flowers

I did a bit more experimenting this year with my fresh Christmas decor and my new favorite addition to homemade wreaths are cotton flowers and moss!  They add interesting texture while still looking really minimal, earthy and natural.

The fresh greens that I used for this project are from Maven and Grace — they always have a beautiful assortment of unique fresh flowers and greens.

The exact wreaths I made require the following supplies:

  • Assorted Christmas greens (cedar, pine, fir, etc.)
  • Eucalyptus stalks and buds
  • Cotton flowers
  • Pine cones
  • Moss
  • Metal floral rings
  • Florist wire
  • White ribbon

Assembly process:

  1. Starting with the assorted Christmas greens, choose the largest branch to cover the most area on the hoop; secure to the hoop with floral wire.  Repeat this step with another branch going the opposite direction (so the cut end of both stems meet) and secure with floral wire.  The goal is to only cover about half the hoop if you want a minimal look.
  2. Build up the greenery following the same pattern, but alternating types of greens.  Use 3-4 inch long pieces of floral wire to secure each branch by wrapping it around the stem and hoop several times and twisting to secure tightly.  Use the next layer of greens to cover up the wire from the one before it.
  3. Once you’ve added the desired amount of greens, start adding detail with eucalyptus stalks and buds.  Add 2-3 stalks to both sides or to only one side for an asymmetrical look.
  4. Thread floral wire around the cotton buds and pine cones and secure them to the middle area where all the branches meet.  Add them to any other areas around the wreath to create depth.
  5. Pinch together several small pieces of moss and thread floral wire through the center, pull tight into a bunch and fasten to the wreath near the cotton buds.  Repeat to fill in any other desired areas around the wreath.
  6. Drape the center with a section of ribbon, hang and enjoy!

Minimal Christmas perfection!

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