Ombré Painted Concrete Planter

This is a quick and easy project to update your planters and make them a little more visually interesting.  I opted for shades of grey, to match my interior decor, but feel free to experiment with more vibrant colors and different types of pots.

The great thing about this sloppy painting technique is you don’t need to spend a lot of time blending; this project is all about texture and pronounced brush strokes…as long as you see a gradient from far away, you’re golden!

The exact planter I made requires the following supplies…

  • Matte white paint
  • Matte dark grey paint
  • Modern concrete or faux-concrete planter
  • Paint brush or sponge
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 cup water


Assembly process:

  1. Using the pencil, roughly divide the planter into three horizontal sections (top, middle, and bottom); this will create an easy-to-follow gradient guide.
  2. Put some white paint on your brush and start by heavily painting the rim and upper top section of the planter.
  3. As your brush runs dry, paint in downward strokes using a haphazard, crisscross pattern to create a rough and textured look.
  4. Continue on to the middle and bottom sections, watering down the white paint on your brush and painting more and more sparsely towards the bottom of the pot to create a gradient effect.
  5. Look at the pot from a distance and add more brush strokes or blend the sections until you reach the desired look.
  6. Put some watered down grey paint on your brush and add a few strokes on the bottom section to create texture and shadows.  Start with a very sparse amount of paint on the brush and build up the shadows gradually.
  7. Allow paint to thoroughly dry overnight and enjoy!


Blend the sections as little or as much as you like.  I chose to blend less to give my pot and ombre look from farther away, with pronounced brush strokes up close.

If your planter is going to go outside, spray the entire planter with a clear protective spray paint to protect the paint from the elements!

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