Petal infused Skin Oil

The base oils in my Petal Infused Skin Oil were selected for their ability to absorb quickly and mimic the natural oils found in the skin.  The balance of both light and heavy textured oils makes this product suitable for a variety of skin conditions, including dry, aging, oily and normal skin.  The light-weight formula and rapid absorption rate quickly pulls valuable nutrients into your skin, leaving only a satin finish.  These properties allow you to spot-treat problem areas and follow up with your favorite all-over moisturizer, without leaving your skin feeling overly greasy.

I love to spot treat with this oil.  Every night before bed I gently massage the skin oil into my forehead, eyebrows, crow’s feet and lips.  I then apply some to my neck, chest, hands and anywhere else prone to dry skin (elbows and feet during the winter months).  I also rub any remaining oil on the palms of my hands into the tips if my hair; a nice little bed-time routine that my skin and hair are grateful for!

Marigold + Carrot – Petal Infused Skin Oil – $28 (1 oz. bottle)

The list of ingredients includes apricot kernel oil for light-weight moisture and jojoba oil to help naturally balance oil production while providing a thicker layer of hydration beneficial to ageing skin. Antioxidant rich Vitamin E is added in careful proportions to help moisturize the skin and act as a natural preservative to keep the oil fresh. Carrot seed and lavender essential oils are combined based on their traditional use in delicate skin care preparations and powerful ability to stimulate cell regeneration. Each bottle is topped off with a pinch of dried marigold petals to infuse the blend with additional hydrating properties.

My skin oil is formulated with pure carrot seed oil, which gives it a light fragrance with a more earthy tone.  Nothing too floral or intense…this makes it excellent for layering under other products and suitable for both women and men to use.

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Note: All essential oils used in my Hand-Meyd formulations are diluted between 1-2%. Citrus oils may cause sensitivity to sunlight. Any unused oils should be discarded if not used within 12 months.