Signature Blend Beard Oil

My first bottle of beard oil was initially made as a gift for my lumberjack; as such I only use pure oils of the highest quality in my blend.  Your facial hair will get the same care and attention as I give to my man…and his is a beard to be reckoned with.  That being said, this oil is great for all stages of growth — from stubble to full forest.  I’ve been known to use it to soften and condition the ends of my hair and even my cuticles after a manicure.

Signature Blend Beard Oil – $25 (1 oz. bottle)

My signature blend Hand-Meyd beard oil comes in three different scent blends to choose from:Woodsy, Herbaceous and Floral.  The base ingredient list includes grape seed oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil, blended in a specific ratio to allow for maximum absorption and hydration.  Each scent contains a unique blend of wood, herb, citrus and floral essential oils; no artificial fragrances are used in any of my products.  Natural essential oil fragrance notes are carefully layered to create scent pattern true to the name of each blend.  In addition to fragrance, I carefully selected oils traditionally used for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and regenerative qualities on hair and skin.  Each bottle is individually hand mixed and labeled by me in my home.  No big batch mixing here; each blend is a fresh as possible.

Bespoke Blend Beard Oil – $30 (1 oz. bottle)

My custom blend Hand-Meyd beard oil is tailor made to order and affords you the opportunity to customize and craft a blend that is unique to you.  I can cater to any known allergies or sensitivities and also target the specific needs of your beard – ultimately, set your face apart from the rest.  I have a selection of wood, herb, citrus and floral essential oils to choose from and a portion formula that allows me to fine-tune the mix that best suits you.  Choose your own adventure!  …don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the whole process and create a customer file to make re-ordering and fine-tuning a breeze.  If you enjoy the interactive process and quality of tailor made products, this is definitely the oil for you.  Welcome to bespoke beard grooming…you’re going to love it.

Purchasing – head over to my Why Buy Hand-Meyd? page for a list of my local and online stockists!

Note: All essential oils used in my Hand-Meyd formulations are diluted between 1-2%. Citrus oils may cause sensitivity to sunlight. Any unused oils should be discarded if not used within 12 months.