Spacious Twist on European Straight Lacing

I just got a new pair of oxfords for the fall and while I love traditional straight lacing on dress shoes, I find it a little less comfortable and a little too confining on movement.  It’s not like I need to be lunging in my oxfords, but if it comes up I’d like to have the option!

Basically, I needed something with the traditional look that I like and the comfort that I want…enter the invisible blanket stitch open straight lacing technique. With over a trillion different ways to lace the average dress shoe, there’s a mathematical possibility that this technique isn’t new, but it was to me and it saved my life.  To put it dramatically.

Begin straight across the bottom two rows, and then continue weaving up each side with each respective lace, never crossing the middle.  You can weave in the form of a basic over-under stitch, but this won’t ensure that each lace stays perfectly parallel to the lace below; it will actually end up sitting at an angle and both sides will come together in the form a “V” instead of a straight line.  Perfectly straight with the illusion of tradition is what we want.  Anyway, weaving the lace in the form of a blanket stitch creates an “L” shape that secures the lace perfectly straight.  Once you reach the top eyelet, knot the lace on the underside and tuck the remaining length of lace into the shoe.  Enjoy the freedom!

Look how perfect! Business at a distance, party upon closer inspection…and I’m pretty sure that last line just sold no one on trying this at home.

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