Holiday Bouquets with Fresh Eucalyptus and Cranberries

My favorite neighborhood boutique Maven and Grace is now selling fresh flowers.  The fact that they’re a five minute walk from my home means I’ll be loading up on fresh bouquets on the regular.  Earlier this week I snapped up some fresh cedar and eucalyptus to make some minimal Christmas arrangements. Follow along to recreate this beauty! […]

Handmade Cedar and Eucalyptus Holiday Boughs

This holiday season has been a juggling act of all the different priorities in my life; although I’ve had less time to focus on myself and my home this year, I’ve still managed to find ways to indulge in the Christmas spirit (via some clever shortcuts). This year, instead of making over-sized fresh wreaths, I decided to deck […]

Fresh Eucalyptus and Citrus Zest Bath Satchels

Eucalyptus is a wonder plant with many widely known health benefits and is a favorite of mine in homemade spa treatments because of its refreshing and antiseptic properties.  Eucalyptus also pairs will with many essential oil fragrances, so have some fun experimenting with this project… Fresh Eucalyptus and Citrus Zest Bath Satchels 1 bunch fresh eucalyptus […]