Handmade Modern Bean-Bag Toss Set

Last month at the Edmonton Renovation Show, I competed in the Ultimate Upcycle Challenge: Unhinged. I was pitted against some of Edmonton’s most respected media, designers and craftspeople to re-purpose a used door from ReStore Edmonton for under $100. Each design was auctioned off to the highest bidder and all proceeds went to support Habitat for Humanity in Edmonton! I […]

Handmade Cedar and Eucalyptus Holiday Boughs

This holiday season has been a juggling act of all the different priorities in my life; although I’ve had less time to focus on myself and my home this year, I’ve still managed to find ways to indulge in the Christmas spirit (via some clever shortcuts). This year, instead of making over-sized fresh wreaths, I decided to deck […]

Handmade Orb Terrariums

Glass display cases, moss, activated charcoal and succulents are all you need to throw together some amazing DIY terrariums.  So easy my house is literally crawling with them right now!  You can make terrariums using any glass container, but since Christmas is coming, I opted to use glass orbs so these beauties can double as Christmas tree ornaments. This […]

DIY Drilled Gourd Votive Holders

Halloween is fast approaching and all the different gourd varieties are creeping out of the woodwork. Decorative pumpkins come in some remarkable colors, shapes and sizes and have become essentials in terms of my fall decor. They will keep for several months before spoiling and subsequently they’ve also rooted themselves into my Christmas decor. Miniature pumpkins also […]

Homemade Eucalyptus and Spearmint Vapor Rub

Cold and flu season has reared its ugly head and I was hit (seemingly out of nowhere) about two weeks ago.  My cure-all was two full days of sleep and a two-step homemade VapoRub!  This salve is all-natural, with no chemicals or preservatives…just warm vibes and essential oil vapors. These raw ingredients might not look like much now, […]

Homemade Stinging Nettle and Lavender Loose-leaf Tea

Stinging nettle is a remarkable little herb…quite temperamental (a huge jerk) to work with when fresh, but totally worth it if you have some patience. The best parts of fresh nettles are the youngest leaves, so you’ll definitely need to wear gloves when plucking them from the larger stem.  Once steeped they no longer sting […]