Vodka Spiked Bath Oil

The base oils in my Vodka Spiked Bath Oil are moisturizing and very light in color and texture.  For this formula, lighter oils were specifically selected to provide all the benefits of hydration, without leaving a thick yellow residue on your bathtub, towels or skin.  Product preparation is a very hands-on process; each bottle is made to order, individually hand mixed and labeled by me in my home.

I use this bath oil at least once per week, or more when I’m looking to unwind from a stressful day and simultaneously hydrate my skin.  Outlined on each bottle is the recommended amount of product to be used per bath; with weekly use it should last up to two months.  Once you get out of the bath, treat your body to a rub down with my skin oil for added hydration!

This is one of my favorite ways to relax with aromatherapy in the bath, the combination of chamomile and neroli is like nothing else!  I’ve also been known to use this product as a shower oil when I’m short on time…lube up, massage in with a sponge, rinse and run!

Chamomile + Neroli – Vodka Spiked Bath Oil – $35 (8 oz. bottle)

The base ingredient list includes coconut oil to moisturize dry skin, with a splash of vodka to help emulsify and evenly disperse the oil in the water.  Vitamin E oil is added to the base formula to combat any dryness as the alcohol evaporates.  Chamomile, neroli, jasmine and sweet orange essential oils are carefully blended based on their traditional use to naturally detoxify and stimulate new skin cell production, relieve inflammation and combat stress.  Whole dried chamomile buds are also added to each mix…just for fun.

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Note: All essential oils used in my Hand-Meyd formulations are diluted between 1-2%. Citrus oils may cause sensitivity to sunlight. Any unused oils should be discarded if not used within 12 months.