Why Buy hand-meyd?

My Hand-Meyd products are currently available for purchase online at New Classics Studios and SPUD.ca or in person at Fluid Hair Salon and Hideout Distro, located right here in Edmonton!  After over two years of focusing exclusively on mixing and selling beard oil, I decided to expand my offerings by developing a line of handmade high-quality bath products.

My entire bath and body product line is hand mixed, individually poured and labeled by me in my home.  No artificial preservatives are used in my formulations…freshness is key!  Each bottle is made to order — no mass production or big batch mixing here.  I also have set maximum order quantities to maintain a high level of care and attention to all products that go out to my customers.  My two hands craft every bottle.

My bath products contain a careful balance of oils and natural emulsifiers, leaving skin smooth but not overly greasy once dry.  My entire line contains high quality carrier oils blended for maximum absorption and hydration.  To each base formula I add a carefully balanced ratio of wood, herb, floral and citrus essential oils based on product application.  My blends are about more than just natural fragrance; I select oils traditionally used for their regenerative and soothing properties on the hair & skin and anti-depressant qualities on the mind.  No artificial fragrances are used in any of my products.

I’ve been blending beard oils and creating my own bath products for many years now, much care and attention went into the development of my formulations.  All my base formulas were initially created to be used by either myself or family and friends.  With that in mind, I only select raw ingredients of the highest quality in my products.  No expense is spared.  When you buy Hand-Meyd, you will get the same level of quality that I give to myself and those closest to me.  I use all the products in this line on a daily and weekly basis and have found them to work wonders on my sensitive skin. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!